link building strategies to Improve Your SEO

5 link building strategies to Improve Your SEO in 2015

Meta Description: There are many ways on how to improve search engine optimization. Search engine algorithm updates have changed online marketing practices and techniques tremendously; thus, SEO professionals have been devising ways to understand how search engines value a website so that organizations and businesses can top SERP rankings. One helpful strategy is link building. It is the art of building links from other websites that point back to a site. This indeed requires creativity, careful planning and of course, budget.

Link building is a big part of off-page SEO and some believe it falls under black hat category. This is mainly due to Google equating link building with spam. However, not all link building strategies are spam. Again, quality always comes into play and this tactic is still considered an important aspect of search engine optimization.

There are three types of link acquisition:

Non-editorial or Created Links

These links are considered as spam and some sites that do this are penalized. They come in the form of forum or blog comments, social bookmarks and profiles.

Editorial or Natural Links

These are links that are given naturally by websites or pages that want to link to your page or site. This is usually a result of having quality, relevant and useful content.

Manual Links

This type can be considered as the hardest. It takes a lot of work and effort. This tactic involves submitting sites to directories, sending emails to bloggers and paying for any kind of listings.

Here are 5 strategies for better link building that can boost your SEO campaign further:

1. Create high quality content

Creating, publishing, and posting highly valuable, interesting, unique and shareable content on your page is a must in every search engine optimization strategy. Great content will make people want to share your site to their friends and other people. This will build links to your website without your direct involvement.

2. Write for other websites

Guest writing for highly reputed sites can help you secure backlinks to your page. This can also help you get access to a new and wider audience.

3. Participate in Forums

You can draw traffic and links to your site by taking part or answering questions in forum. You can reply to a question by posting a short blog in your site and going back to the forum by replying with just a summary of the answer and a link to your blog.

4. Build links through email and infographics

Email link building is one way to generate new links. You can email potential websites that feature similar industries and request that a link to your site be placed in their content.

Furthermore, Infographics can be very helpful in building links. Take the time to create attractive and interesting infographics that people will likely to share. This will create new links every time your image or photo is referenced on different sites. This may take time and money, but will definitely pay off when your image or graphic is widely shared.

5. Testimonials and interviews

Getting great links by using testimonials is definitely a good tactic. You are trading your testimonials on trusted sites for links. Some sites that would be of help would be consultants, contractors, services and goods providers.

Collating questions that people have always wanted to know about your industry and getting answers from people who are well-known and established authority can be a good way of getting quality links. Micro-celebrities lead busy lives, so the interview does not have to be live. However, it can simply be a set of questions in an email; they can send their answers as a reply to your email. You can then post the Q&A in your website along with their contact information and link to their site. You can then email them a link to your post.

Search engine optimization is not only about keywords or building links. When you go on a campaign to build links pointing back to your site, look for ways to get great quality links; this will help improve your SEO campaign. Furthermore, in your efforts in building backlinks to your site, you must also remember that you are a member of several online communities. Do not be shy of asking help from others and be always willing to help others. Getting a higher rank in SERP and improving your SEO campaign are opportunities for you to maximize revenues and capture the widest scope of digital market you need.






Eve Haugen has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with QuickSEOResult has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.



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