How Big Brands Rank High In Google

How Big Brands Rank High In Google By Abusing The Algorithm

What I have seen in recent times that, big brands are dominating the SERPS for the most important keywords. But does that mean they do SEO better than anyone else?

Have look at my article about How Big Brands Rank High In Google By Abusing The Algorithm.

Meta Description: The massive conglomerates and big name brands control the top spots on the search results pages for their most relevant keywords. Do they really have the best SEO rank or are they abusing the system?

Since the release of Google’s new algorithms such as Hummingbird and Penguin, most people think that SEO rank is far less susceptible to manipulation than it was in the bad old days of keyword stuffing and link building. Well, it is not true. There are still ways of manipulating the algorithm; the big brands have the technical wizards who implement the nastier side of SEO techniques. It maintains their hold on the top spots of the search engines.

Links, links, and more links

Anyone, who has done any research on SEO techniques and SERP ranking, knows that the best way to increase web presence is to increase the number of internal and external links to their website. The big brands and SEO companies know this and explore it.

Google, the biggest search engine in the world, claims to penalize websites for using black hat SEO techniques. However, there are so many criteria for reaching first page SEO rank in the presence of other ‘good’ SEO practices, Google glosses over the link schemes and fails to knock them down a spot or three.

Essentially, this means that link schemes and buying links are OK as long as the site is a big brand. If it were not for the fact that Google search is computer driven, anyone would think that it had agreements with the big brands who spend tons of cash on AdWords marketing, to gloss over their shadier attempts at SEO manipulation.

Big brands are able to buy links from faux bloggers and article writers, willing to keyword stuff their articles and include heavy-handed linking to the BIG BAD BRAND of choice. It is good for the big brands that they can throw enough money at something to give them the results they require.

Big Brands = Great Content

This is an erroneous statement and links closely to the unpleasant link schemes mentioned above. In order to create the links into the Big Brand website, there must be an external source for these links. Oh yes, and those links come in some of the most unpleasant fashions. When buying links, a Big Brand name will engage the services of an agency or a series of writers to create fake or nonsensical articles with heavy keyword links. An example below will give you an idea of how bad this content is.








Amazing, isn’t it? It is a random, pseudo-article or blog comment with irrelevant links scattered through it. Any blogger, website owner, or even someone with a YouTube account will understand the deep, abiding hatred of any company that tries this tactic with their website.

I remember leaving my blog for three days over Christmas and logging in to find over 1200 derivatives of this message sitting in my spam folder. The only thing this kind of marketing does is to make people adverse to a brand. I will be fair to say that Big Brand websites do have good content. However, buying links to create their SEO rank with Google funds the diabolical content seen above. In addition, it leads freelance writers approach bloggers and other websites to populate them.

This all equates to blatant abuse by the big brands to create a false SEO rank. The top spot on the search engine results page is so important to them and they will not give it up for anyone. Google+ tools and author rank have increased the ability of the Googlebots to recognize reputable writers and consequently rank their articles higher. This is a step further away from unknown agency writers being able to write random fluff on review sites, blog comments and even abuse a guest post to plug their backer.

It appears that abuse of the search algorithms is fine as long as it is a Big Brand doing it. Google and the other search engines will not stamp out this blatant abuse because it is not being penalized unless there is a startup with zero advertising budget. That is when Google enforces penalties.

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